Delivering long-term value.

As one of the country’s leading natural gas producers and marketers, Southwestern Energy works responsibly to secure the role of natural gas in a lower-carbon future. We do this through the dedication of our people and a commitment to our environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles.

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Sustainable Value

Taking actions that deliver meaning to our stakeholders and align with our corporate strategy.

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Minimizing Carbon Footprint

Sourcing natural gas responsibly in order to ensure a lower-carbon energy future.

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Social Responsibility

Protecting the health and safety of our people, treating others with respect and positively impacting communities.

Our Strategy

Southwestern Energy’s ESG strategy is helping us deliver reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, achieve a goal of zero safety and environmental incidents, and ensure our alignment with transparency and evolving disclosures.

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Key Issues

As we updated our materiality assessment to incorporate our post-acquisition operations in 2021, we analyzed evolving stakeholder views on ESG issues in order to identify the most important corporate responsibility themes on which to focus.

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