Delivering long-term value.

Southwestern Energy strives to meet the highest standards for managing risk and operating responsibly across the enterprise, including our approach to corporate governance, ethics and integrity, CCR, governance, enterprise risk management and cybersecurity.

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Diversity in gender ethnicity or nationality within our Board of Directors as of December 31, 2022.

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Experience in health, safety, environment and/or corporate responsibility among our Directors as of December 31, 2022.

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Incentive of executive annual compensation linked to ESG goals in 2022.

Corporate Governance

Strong corporate governance is what enables us to create value for our shareholders, act as good environmental stewards, provide a safe and healthy workplace, and become respected members of the communities in which we operate.

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Ethics & Integrity

Our company has earned a strong reputation for ethical behavior and fair dealing, by conducting our business and building shareholder value with integrity and according to the highest ethical standards. In 2022, 100% of all employees and full-time contingent workers completed the required ethics training course.

Governance – Ethics & Integrity

Corporate Responsibility Oversight & Enterprise Risk Management

Accountability for our commitment to corporate responsibility begins at the highest level of the company. Each standing committee of the Board, composed entirely of independent directors, oversees and evaluates corporate responsibility issues, risks and opportunities.

Governance – CROERM

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