Delivering long-term value.

We are working to secure our role as a long-term, clean energy source — and enhance the resilience of our own business — by responsibly producing our assets and continuously reducing our environmental footprint.

Drill Icon SWN 2021-2022 CR Report


Of SWN producing wells are certified as responsibly sourced gas.

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Reduction in Scope 1 GHG emissions intensity in 2022 from a 2021 baseline.

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Year in a row of achieving freshwater neutrality.

Climate Change & Emissions

We aim to deliver affordable, reliable, responsibly produced natural gas to support the transition to a cleaner energy future, while expanding access to secure energy that underpins global economic development.

Environment- Climate Change & Emissions


We seek to minimize our use of fresh water wherever possible, but we also focus on supporting water replenishment through our commitment to being freshwater neutral, a goal we have achieved for the last seven years.

Environment – Water


Our goal is to leave the land where we operate in better condition than we found it, which means leveraging best practices and technologies to minimize surface impacts, prevent spills, reduce waste and protect biodiversity.

Environment – Land

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